About Group 4 Touring Cars


Welcome to the Group 4 Touring Car Association/Category (GP4TC).  The Group 4 Touring Car category is an exciting motorsport category that continues the traditional Holden v Ford rivalry.  GP4TC will incorporate the Super Six Touring Car Association (SSTC).


Both Associations are registered with Consumer Affairs.


The Group 4 Touring Car category was created after the Super Six Touring Car and Saloon Car categories were relegated to state level competition, a decision that directly affected many competitors, and indirectly affected several component suppliers.


After a meeting between influential Super Six Touring Car/Saloon Car competitors, it was decided that a new National Series category was required, as such GP4TC was created.


GP4TC is based on the BA/BF/FG Falcon and VT/VY/VZ/VE/VF Commodore Super Six Touring Cars, with the only major difference being that all vehicles will be fitted with a V8 engine.

As per the original concept of SSTC, GP4TC will feature mostly "bolt-on" components and very few component/vehicle modifications.  All aspects of the category have been based on safety, simplicity and cost effectiveness.


Group 4 Touring Cars are the future of entry level motor sport.